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Many students are struggling to make ends meet with very limited budgets. Even the most responsible for tax may be staring at an empty bank account when hit with an unexpected expense.

That’s why many students take part-time jobs to help supplement their monthly expenses. But another thing that other students have very little money is very little time. It can be difficult to keep a stable job with class schedules, exams, and having a barely functioning social life.

That’s why many of them are looking for flexible jobs that are not too restrictive. With this being the age of the Internet, fortunately, these types of jobs are not hard to find! With just a computer, Internet, and sheer determination – you might find a job you are interested, can be done in your own time, and even pay enough.

There are a number of independent job boards and even several other places where you get them. you make money at this time only, but do freelance work can also help you develop skills that will make you a prime candidate when you enter the “real” work. So here are some freelance jobs online that students can do to become financially independent.

1. Freelance Writer

One of the best jobs for students to take is freelance writing. Since you’re in college, you are probably already well versed in writing assignments. It would be the same – except you would have paid for them!

Freelance writing is very flexible, to choose when and how you are working to a topic you want to try on. And once you get a little experience, it can pay very well. Companies are looking for outsource jobs like content writing and even some blogs content curate a variety of different writers.

For starters, you could build a small portfolio of samples or offer to do the first project for free. If you already maintain your own blog, which can prove to be an excellent place to point to your potential customers, or you might consider starting one now. Independent platforms like Fiverr and oDesk have tons of jobs for writers too. If you already have some experience, you can even go to magazines or newspapers directly and offer your services.

Not only writing gives you a great opportunity to make money, but it is also one of those jobs that will add much value to your resume, especially if you intend to go into writing content, journalism, or something similar.

2. Virtual Assistant

There are a lot of people busy in the world who can not afford to make a real wizard exactly, so that where you come in! The job of a virtual assistant is to do all that can be done to their employers who have not really need to be there in person. So you would be in charge of jobs in response to e-mails, appointments, etc.

To find virtual assistant jobs, you can list your services on sites like Fiverr and oDesk or register for a VA agency as Zirtual. You can earn between $ 16 per hour to $ 10 000 per month doing this!

3. Social Media Manager

As young people, we spend already a lot of time on social media anyway, so why not find a way to start making money with it? Companies often seek to entrust the task of managing their social media pages. While large companies could choose to have one are the place perfect for you to start, small businesses looking to cut corners internally SM manager. If you have an active social media page with a good amount of commitment, you can use it to get you to these companies.

This is a job you can do throughout the day, taste and respond to comments between classes, writing and planning positions for later when you have free time, etc. And it can be very fun!

4. The online tutoring

If you do well in college, you might consider offering your services to students of colleges colleagues as well. While this may seem simple enough in person, taking your online service allows you

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