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You’ve probably heard the expression “money can not buy happiness.” Well, according to research that is not really true!

Think about it. In the midst of a global pandemic, this could be the best time to think about it. You would be happier spending months of lockdown in luxury home with all the amenities you would need rather than a dingy apartment you can barely managed to pay the rent for because you no longer work, do not you?

A turbulent economy, wage cuts, record unemployment levels, and are more the gap between rich and poor more than the roller seconds. There is no doubt that money can bring you happiness, but it is the size of a factor? Researchers may be the answer. They say that if the amount of money is important for happiness, what can be more important is the way you choose to spend.

Is the perfect Exist salary?

It is no secret that we are all motivated to increase our income. You strive to get a job and you strive for promotion to it – permanently. But when it becomes too much of a good thing?

According to a study conducted at Princeton University, a person the happiness level continued to increase more money they make, until it reaches $ 75 000 per year. In addition, making more money did not increase their emotional well-being, but it did increase their life satisfaction.

This study arrived there about ten years, but newer conducted at Purdue University in 2018 seems more or less agree. They found that people who earn between $ 60 000 and $ 75 000 per year ensured the emotional well-being, while $ 95 000 per year was crowned as the income of “ideal” as those who have such income had a “happy life”.

Curse of the Rich

Interestingly, the Purdue study also found that once a person has reached a level of income of more than $ 105 000, their happiness level actually decreased!

This shows that being rich is relative. As humans, we constantly compare to others. If we think that we are unable to maintain the same standard of living than our peers (which at $ 105k per year is safe to say the “crowd rich”), you feel miserable.

In this sense, clearly, Money makes you happy. So what?

Make your goal more than money

Ultimately, it is your purpose in life that will give you satisfaction. Research shows that the constant pursuit of higher pay often takes more job satisfaction. Instead of focusing on what work will give you the salary you should focus on what job you view your potential and allow you to help to make your own experiences and values ​​work to bring improvement. It should help you set a goal.

A creative person would feel stifled a desk job. If you like making art, or teaching, or whatever it is, find a way to get there. When humans engage in activities that challenge them, interest and they find satisfactory, they have the “optimal experience.” Imagine if it was your job!

In 2018, BetterUp conducted a survey in which 90% of participants voted that they would take a 23% reduction of future benefits of having more meaningful jobs. So why do not people make the switch to pay lower but more satisfying jobs?

The Key to Happiness

You can have all the money in the world, but it is more important to your happiness you choose to spend. Buying one thing after the other way will do nothing but spend the money on personal growth, contributing to the improvement of the community, helping and connecting with others – these are all things that will increase your happiness meter.

According to studies, in order to be happy, you should be spending on experiences and not materialistic purchases. In 2017, a study found that people who spent money on timekeeping services like hiring someone to clean their houses and shop or restaurant ordering food were generally more satisfied in life. When you start to make changes in your lifestyle and spending habits, are currently trying to understand what makes people happy is very important.

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